Thursday, February 03, 2005

dax and other places

The Road Not Taken
My husband's idea of a great friday night out with me is watching DVD at home. So tonight after dinner we watched, 8 mile. I'm not a fan of Eminem but I actually liked the sountrack of this movie. His lyrics can at times be quite poetic. It wasn't a bad movie overall... but maybe it's because my expectations were so low, it just couldn't have been worse than what I had expected.

I've been trying to keep busy. Since my last blog I've:
- signed up at a driving school. Theoretical lessons start next tuesday
- discovered a really cool part of Milan, cool shops and cafes
- I called up the director of a school in Italy Spring Thomas that conducts courses for my profession and got some leads on job openings.
- Lead a group of Italians in English conversation. It's organised at a bar, people get together to speak in English, or Italian, lead by a native speaker who corrects when necessary. Actually, it's really just an excuse for singles to get together. Everone was checking everyone else out. I was the only one married there.

I still feel like I can't quite shake off the dark cloud above me but at least I'm out and about and accomplishing things. I sometimes ask myself why I always choose to take the difficult road in life. Leaving the comfort and familiarity of home and old friends to work in New York, marrying a man knowing full well, it would mean alot more change and starting life all over again. I could have cruised along and things would have been so much easier, less stress and perhaps no depression. While some may say that I love challanges and is not afraid of change, I think I'm simply a masochist.